ponderings of late

parenting is hard. being a husband is hard. especially living in a community with certain expectations. what i mean by that is that there exists a definition of “husband” and “father” within any culture, and in our very tight-knit christian school culture there is an unspoken definition of these words. sometimes i don’t care what others within this context think, most of the time i do but pretend not to.


the giving of thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day for Americans (a day early), a day usually spent eating until you go into a catatonic state, usually accompanied by watching american football. Being in China usually eases the load on the stomach, but I do join the celebrations in honor of my wife and daughter’s country of citizenship. Turkey is hard to come by here and this is our annual splurge.

This year we’re celebrating it on Friday as we still have work on Thursday. I guess I should write about something that I am thankful for, but as someone has said before, one of our problems is not that we don’t have anything to be thankful for, but that we seldom have someone to be thankful to. mullĀ  on that for a moment…

our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come….