Thai Traditional Clothing
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Thai Traditional Fashion


In the past Thais tended to wear more traditional clothing, which was made from silk and other cloths. Over the generations traditional clothing was worn less and less. It was common for people to wear silk shirts and cotton pants to work. They also wore a blue cotton outfit, which is what people wore to work on Fridays in certain companies. Some elder men and women wore sarongs like the people from many years past; they also can be seen worn today. The most common outfit in Northern Thailand is a blue cotton outfit, perfect for every occasion. Although traditional clothing is not seen often on the streets, it is worn on special holidays. Some of these holidays include Songkran, Fatherís Day, Motherís Day, and Loy Krathong, many of these holidays are religious and traditional.

          Today instead of silk shirts men often wear suits to work, and children wear uniforms to school. The children sometimes perform dances and skits in their classes. This is usually done in special Thai dance costumes. Lately Thailand has come out with new fashion lines. Thai fashion is produced mostly with the famous Thai silk. Scarves, neckties and purses, are generally expensive. This is because of the silkís extremely good quality. There are many varieties of fashion, some is traditional, some are more western, and others fit somewhere in between. Thai dance costumes are rich in color and style. They tend also to vary from region to region. They were used in the past and are still used today. However, on the weekends most Thais dress in more western clothes such as jeans and t-shirts . Thai teens follow western trends as well as Japanese fashion trends.